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Pet Portraits by Sally Jane Photographic Art

Here is a gallery of my most recent work. Unless an image is marked as 'Exclusive' it can be purchased as a mounted reprint. All images are sold mounted and ready to frame. Reprint prices are £30 for a standard size or £40 for large.

If you click on the 'flickr' icon below the images you can see what flickr users think of my work.

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rottweiler head portrait

Rottweiler portrait.


3 black labradores

3 black Labradores

golden retriever

Golden retriever portrait


swedish vallhund dog portrait

Swedish Vallhund pet portrait


7 golden labradore puppies

Golden labradore puppies


border collie portrait

Yellow Labradore with owner



portrait of a child with her dog

Child and dog portrait converted from clients own photograph.

bernese mountain dog pet portrait

Bernese Mountain dog portrait


3 jack russells.

3 Jack Russell Terriers


boxer and border collie group portrait

White Boxer with a Border Collie portrait.



Welsh corgi

Border collie portrait

Black & White Border Collie portrait portrait.


long haired German shepherd portrait

Long haired German shepherd bitch portrait

short haired blue merle tri collie portrait

Short haired blue merle tri collie portrait

cocker spaniel portrait

Cocker spaniel portrait

chocolate labradore

Chocolate Labradore portrait

Contact Sally Jane

Tel. 07956 448690

e-mail - Images@sally-jane.com